C.A.R.E for a Cure was primarily founded because of personal experiences my sister and I encountered with our mother and her battle with Alzheimer’s. She was a kind woman that everyone adored and respected. After our father’s death, mom kept our small family together and was always there for us, knowing what to say and just when to say it. Mom was sharp as a whip, until she began forgetting small things. Things we were able to write off as mom just didn’t want to be bothered. We now know, she was in the early stage of Alzheimer’s.

At the point, she realized something was wrong. She didn’t want to worry us or let on that she was afraid. It was terrifying that there was little out there for this disease, only that is was going to get worse. Even today there isn’t much more than back in 2000.

Mom finally left her home to stay with my sister who took care of her, also researching and trying to find out more about this horrible disease.

Finally mom’s Alzheimer’s progressed and she moved into an assisted living home where she could be around others with the same illness.

As my job took me across the country, my sister, God bless her, would pick mom up every day and take her over for lunch, dinner or out shopping, and always making sure to keep her hair done, just to mention a few things. She made sure to be with her every day. I know mom enjoyed those days.

During one visit with my mom, she asked me to please see what I could do to stop the progression of her memory loss. It broke my heart as I knew there was nothing I could do except be there when I could. This was the point that I decided to do something, anything that would help to find a cure for this disease.

This is when C.A.R.E. for a Cure was founded. Also, I decided after having several friends with Breast Cancer who passed on and some who survived, I decided to join the two, making us a duel non-profit charitable organization.

It has taken years to get where we are today and we have a long way to go. But the conviction I have comes from the memories of a kind, loving mother who I miss and think about every day. Who still, through loving bonds, strengthens and inspires me.

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